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Fiverr Calculator

Our newest tool as Calculator that is capable of calcuating your hourly rate (after fees), Fiverr fees, PayPal fees and currency conversion. Try it right now: Fiverr Calculator

It was created to help freelancers on Fiverr to calculate fees when withdrawing through PayPal or Bank Transfer. The fees on Fiverr can be quite high, especially when Sellers have to convert into another currency, it can have an impact on the success of any freelancer.

The Fiverr Calculator can help any Freelancer to determine the right price while keeping a good hourly rate after all fees have been applied. In our fee calculations, we also included the multi-currency account Payoneer.

Realtime Currency Exchange Rates

To calculate accurate fees for currency conversion when withdrawing from Fiverr, we use realtime currency exchange rates obtained via API. If you are interested in learning about how to use API's, you can read more on redhat.com

RedHat - What are Application Programming Interfaces?

Future Projects

To improve our user-experience, we strive to create new tools and enhance the existing ones.

  • Calculators for other Freelancing platforms
  • Advanced tracking tools for freelancers
  • Spreadsheet downloads
If you have suggestions, feel free to contact us at info@fee-calculator.com