How to promote your Fiverr gigs on Discord - the ultimate guide

How to promote your Fiverr gigs on Discord - The Ultimate Guide

How to promote your Fiverr gigs on Discord - The Ultimate Guide

This guide will help you to promote your Fiverr gigs on Discord communities. You will learn do's and don'ts, how to build a network and how to find the right community for your niché to promote your services. WIth the template for the Fiverr promotion text and tips on how to improve your promotion you will be able to gain new clients and increase your impressions on your Fiverr gig through Discord promotion.

How to promote Fiverr gigs on Discord?

  • Use Discord servers as an alternative way for promoting your Fiverr gigs
  • Be an active and helpful member of communities in your niché
  • Build a network of potential clients and other freelancers
  • Setup a Discord profile with a Call To Action to your Fiverr gig
  • Use our template for your Fiverr promotion text on Discord
  • Always read and follow the server rules

Using Discord for promoting your Fiverr gigs is an underrated alternative to other forms of advertising. It requires more participation, but can be very effective for building a network of potential clients. All you need to do is be an active part of communities in your field, use the many promotion channels that most Discord servers provide and promote your brand and your Fiverr gigs in a professional manner. 

Why you should use Discord for your Fiverr promotion

Discord is an underrated platform for social media marketing and a good alternative to promote your Fiverr gigs. It does not offer paid advertisements like Instagram, Facebook or Google and requires a more active participation of the freelancer who wants to promote their work. But with the right techniques, it can be very effective in client acquisition and networking.

In this guide, you will learn how to boost your gig ranking and impressions of your Fiverr gig through the Discord promotion. Discord is only one way of promoting your fiverr gigs, but when done right, it can prove to be very effective in boosting your gig ranking. 

It covers tips and tricks and general knowledge about Discord to help you get started. It is specifically written for freelancers on Fiverr who want to promote their gigs on Discord, but it can be useful for anyone who wants to promote their services on Discord.

This article also includes free examples of Discord profiles done right, example templates for promotion texts for your Fiverr gigs, Do’s and Don’ts of Fiverr promotion and Discord and much more.

What is Discord?

Discord is not your typical social media platform. 

Discord provides users with the ability to host and manage their own community servers . It allows users to stay connected and use text, voice and video chat channels for communication. It has become very popular and continues to grow. 

Discord also has a lot of automation features with bots, where news are automatically posted, rules of the servers are enforced or even server wide games can be played. 

Nowadays, Discord is not only used by gamers, but popular communities about all sort of topics like game development, freelancing, crypto and day trading, and literally everything people can think of and are interested in.

How can I promote my Fiverr services on Discord effectively?

Simply posting and spamming your Fiverr gig on every Discord you are in will not get your far. Posting overlong ads wont either. To get you started, follow these three simple steps to promote on Discord:

  • Have your Fiverr gig link with a Call To Action in your Discord profile
  • Use our template and turn it into a unique promotion text
  • Use Fiverr & Freelancing Discord Servers for self-promotion
  • Be active and helpful on servers in your niché
  • Promote on servers in your niché

What are the benefits of Fiverr promotion on Discord?

  • Increase your gig impressions, clicks and get more orders
  • Directly promote to your target audience
  • Build a reputation as a helpful and knowledgeable individual in your industry
  • Build a network of potential clients and other freelancers on Fiverr
  • Learn and improve together with other freelancers

How promotion on Discord can improve your Fiverr gig ranking

Fiverr gig ranking is not as simple as it used to be. Fiverr has had a lot of new sellers due to the pandemic and the rise of Freelancing in general. This makes it even more important for new and seasoned sellers to promote their Fiverr gigs on social media. Discord is one way to promote your gigs and it proves to be very effective if done right. Simply posting your gig into the promotion channels is not going to cut it.

Read this guide to get a better understanding of how you can effectively promote your Fiverr gig on Discord and attract new clients, get clicks and impressions on your gig and improve your gig ranking. 

Generally, driving organic traffic to your gig through promotion is one way of telling Fiverr that your gig is relevant outside of the enclosed Fiverr platform. Another benefit of promoting on social media, and specifically on Discord, are direct client acquisition. Finally, the gig impressions and clicks of your Fiverr gig are increased through promotion on Discord.

  • Organic traffic to your gig can improve your gig ranking
  • Impressions and clicks will be higher with promotion on discord
  • Potential clients click onto your gig and may order from you
  • You can build a network, learn from others and improve

Digital advertising in general is growing fast, in the United States alone, the spending on mobile & desktop ads has skyrocketed and surpassed over 100 billion US Dollars per year in 2018. Social media marketing is one important part of digital advertising and can be very effective for Freelancers on Fiverr or any Entrepreneur for that matter. 

Image Source:

What are the advantages of Discord promotion compared to other social media platforms?

  • Alternative social media platform with a lot of active communities
  • Direct contact and exposure to potential clients
  • Massive networking opportunities

Discord as a promotion channel is not very popular with more traditional industries, because the audience tends to be younger than on other social media platforms and there is no general way of buying / displaying Ads. Like on Facebook, Instagram or Google, which use sophisticated algorithms to place advertisements most effectively.

Since Discord was created for gamers to create communities, naturally the audience of Discord is younger than other social media platforms. This should impact your choice of promoting your Fiverr gigs on Discord and will also influence the effectiveness of your promotion. 

If your industry is present in various Discord servers, it can be very beneficial for your business. If your industry is not very popular on this form of social media, you can still create your own community and possibly to attract potential clients.

In any case, you can use Discord for promoting your Fiverr gigs, build a network and find new clients or boost your gig impressions and clicks. The will vary depending on your industry and other ways of promoting your Fiverr gigs might be more beneficial for your gigs.

Image Source:

These services can be promoted best on Discord

If you are a freelancer on Fiverr and you have a younger audience, then Discord is the perfect place for you to promote your Fiverr gigs. 

  • Setting up Discord servers
  • Developing Discord bots
  • offering game development service
  • YouTube content creation
  • YouTube thumbnail creation
  • Video Editing services
  • Twitch Streaming Services
  • Social Media marketing
  • Social media profile management

These are just examples for Fiverr gigs that can be promoted on Discord most effectively, because the audience on Discord is generally younger and has interest in social media, YouTube and Streaming. 

That does not mean that you cannot promote Fiverr gigs from other industries like programming, SEO, article writing etc. through Discord. You need to follow my advice and be an active part of communities in your niché to do so. It will be a bit more difficult to find the right places, but since Discord is very popular and virtually any topic has its own Discord server, there is a good chance your Fiverr gig category has one as well.

If not, then… You can create your own! 

Create your own Discord Community

If your Fiverr gig is in a category that is not very popular on Discord, you can start your own Discord server and build a community. It can be a daunting task, but there are many great tutorials out there that should help you get started. 

If you have gathered a community of like-minded individuals and people from your industry, you have a great place to advertise and promote your own services there. And even more beneficial, you have become an authority and have a great outreach to potential clients. 

Beware though that running and managing a big Discord community is a lot of work and requires more than one moderator, automation through bots, rules enforcing to prevent spamming and much more. 

If you are interested in creating your own community for your brand, check out this guide:

Paid Advertisement on Discord

You might ask yourself: Can I use paid promotion on Discord for my Fiverr gigs? 

The answer is yes, but it's rather difficult. Some servers offer paid promotion, but it's ineffective compared to advanced advertisement technologies. For example Google Ads will show your Advertisement specifically to potential clients. If you want to use paid promotion on Discord, you should be very specific about your target audience. 

It is possible to use paid promotion on Discord, but you have to find the right server with potential clients and most servers do not offer this kind of promotion.

I won't recommend using paid ads on Discord, it's very uncommon and unlikely that you find a good server that provides it.
If you do, it's worth a try but make sure it's a server that is in your niché and has enough active members that participate in the server.

Best Discord Servers for Fiverr gig promotion

My favorite discord servers for promoting your Fiverr gigs are listed here. They have a great community with alot of active Sellers and Buyers. Be aware though that Discord has more potential scammers than other social media platforms. These servers, especially the Fiverr insiders server, are safer than others. If in doubt after you've been contacted by an interested client, make sure to contact the server owner or one of the admins.

Fiverr Insiders

This server is small, but it’s full of active and helpful people. 

If you join, share your gig in the gig promotion channel. The server owner will remove inactive members, to keep it small and active. It’s a very helpful community, if you ask the right questions. is a sponsor of this server.

Join right now through this invite link:

You can also join the Quora Space of Fiverr Insiders where useful info about Fiverr fees, Fiverr gig ranking and more is shared.

Freelance Nirvana

Another server I enjoy is “Freelance Nirvana”. 

Nirvana means an ideal or idyllic state or place. This server wants to be a nice place for freelancers to help each other and promote their gigs on Discord. 

It is a big server with over a thousand members with many threads for gig promotion. What I like about this server is that it is not platform specific, but allows for freelancers to find clients independently. It can still be useful for your Fiverr gig promotion.

Discord channels for Fiverr Promotion and job requests

You can join this Discord community through this invite link:

Fiverr Community

Lastly, I want to recommend you the (unofficial) Fiverr Community.

It's an unofficial Fiverr server and the biggest discord community for Fiverr sellers and buyers alike. It's moderated through volunteers and rules are enforced strictly, so make sure to read the rules before posting in the gig promotion channels. Since this is a Fiverr promotion server, it's not allowed to post anything unrelated to Fiverr. But, the community is active and people will help you out if you have questions about gig ranking, Fiverr fees, difficult clients and more.

They also host giveaways and have dedicated promotion channels for you to share your Fiverr gigs with others. There are over 5000 members on this Discord server, so the audience is huge. Especially when you share gigs that can be useful to other freelancers, this is a great place to get started promoting your Fiverr gigs on Discord.

Make sure to join them and be an active and helpful part of the Fiverr community!

Use this invite link:

Find Niché Discord Servers with potential clients

I rarely find this tip in any of the guides, but it is a crucial tip for promoting your Fiverr gigs on Discord effectively!

Many of the discord servers are full of freelancers, but the lack of quality clients. So what's the solution? Find niché discord servers that are evolving around your skills and gig offers. 

Be active and helpful on these servers and build a network there. You might be able to get clicks through your gig profile and potential clients can directly find your gigs this way. 

Be aware though that many servers do not allow advertisement through dm’s (direct messages), so don't start spamming people on these servers, or you will get banned quickly. 

Example niché for gig promotion: Game Development

Discord servers for game development for example are very popular. If you are a game developer with Fiverr gigs for Unity-Engine or other game engines, you can be an active part of communities like Brackeys. It is full of developers who might need help with their project. 

You can join their Discord server here:

Brackeys Community has over 17000 members, all are involved with game development, many are still learning. For game developers on Fiverr, this is a great place to promote your gig. Under showcase/advertise, you can post your Fiverr gig promotion in order to attract clients.

If you are an active and helpful part of the community and have your Fiverr promotion link to your gig in your Discord profile, people you have helped or other people who have noticed you, can find your gig through your activity. 

Read more about the do’s and don’ts of  how to set up a discord profile for Fiverr promotion in this article.

How to find the best niché Discord Servers

There are a few sites that link and rate Discord servers. You can use these sites to find Discord servers for your own Fiverr promotion. You can directly search for self-promotion channels, or find niché servers that allow you to specifically target your Fiverr promotion towards potential clients.

Here is a list of popular sites that you can use to find Discord servers:


Discord Profile tips to get attention from clients

  • Keep it simple.
  • Only one sentence / headline + Link to your Fiverr Gig you want to promote
  • Avoid spelling mistakes
  • Be active in the communities and get special roles

The main purpose of your very limited space on your discord profile is to make people click on your gig. Don't write too much about you, interested clients can read about you and your gig on the actual Fiverr page. No need to clutter your profile.

If you are new to Discord, then you might not know what a Discord profile looks like. It's a bit different or more minimalist than on other social media platforms. It's only shown when clicking on your profile image or name or when hovering over it. It will display a small card that is basically all your profile is. When clicked again, the Discord profile will show mutual servers and the profile description. That's it. No feed. Only a description.

So remember this when creating your discord profile, only use as much text as neccessary. Use the limited text space wisely to promote your Fiverr gig effectively.

Discord profile example for Fiverr gig promotion

This is a simple example of the Discord profile text that you could use to get clicks on your Fiverr gig. Dont put too much, don't put anything weird. Just a head line and the link to your gig.

My game development gig:

[Fiverr link to gig]

My photoshop editing gig:

[Fiverr link to gig]

Here you can see one example for a clean and professional looking discord profile. I asked the NopeFR for permission to use their discord profile as an example.

You can notice the clean profile logo, the card color matches the profile image and the description is short with a link to his portfolio (alternatively the Fiverr gig)

You can also improve your credibility on Discord by using a professional looking profile picture and a simplistic name.

It can be personal, since Discord is not a professional social media platform (like for example), but it shouldn't be too tacky or weird, because it could have a negative impact on your gig promotion performance in general. 

Conclusion for a good profile on Discord:

  • Clean and professional logo
  • Custom Banner color
  • Short and concise description
  • Link to your Fiverr gig or portfolio

How to edit your Discord profile?

You can find the settings under User Settings/Profiles/User Profile

  • User Settings
  • Profiles
  • User Profile
    • Edit User Profile or Edit Server Profile (Nitro only)

Alternatively, you can hover over your profile and hit the small edit button in the corner to directly navigate to the edit panel for your Discord profile.


How to add a custom banner color to your Discord profile?

Discord automatically assigns a banner color to your DIscord profile based on your profile image. If you want to change the automatic banner color to a custom one, you can go into the profile edit settings and add a custom color with the color picker tool.

Being an active and helpful part of the community

This might seem obvious, but I’ve seen many freelancers on Discord that are not active parts of the community. It has a great effect on your reputation, when you help others and share your experiences. On the other hand, asking questions and actively seeking feedback on your work or your gig can be extremely valuable to you and others.

Being active and helpful includes:

  • Asking for feedback on your work or your gig
  • Ask detailed questions about how Fiverr works
  • Help others by answering their questions
  • Write detailed answers or  feedback with tips for improvement
  • Help out the moderators by reporting spam

Overall, this behavior will have a strong impact on your career as a freelancer. It will help you make connections to other freelancers and build a network. 

How to properly ask questions about Fiverr (or anything)

I have seen many people asking one liners (sometimes even without question marks …)

Bad examples for asking feedback:

“How to boost Fiverr gig”

“How to get order”

Fiverr meme on how to be successful (source own creation)

Asking for feedback like this will never motivate any experienced Freelancer on Fiverr to help you out. People are willing to share their experiences, tips and tricks for your success on Fiverr with you. But not when the questionnaire is not showing any effort. 


Discord Promotion: Do’s and Don’ts

Most Discord  servers have some kind of promotion or advertisement channels where you can promote your Fiverr gigs and services for free. These channels are dedicated for promotion and can be very active. Some channels also have the Slow Mode activated, which prevents users from posting too often. 

Here are some tips to follow when promoting your Fiverr gigs in these Discord promotion channels:

Do’s when promoting your Fiverr gigs on Discord

  • Use a small and clean advertisement text
  • Call to action in your promotion text (see the template for discord promotion)
  • Have a link embed, or attach a small sample of work if the channel allows it.
  • Post a few times a day, but don't spam the channel. 
  • Have a friendly but professional attitude in your gig promotion. Even though Discord is a casual place, it is always good to have a professional and friendly attitude. Clients appreciate it alot and it will help potential clients to build trust. This already starts with your attitude in your promotion on Discord.

Don’ts when promoting your Fiverr gigs on Discord

  • Do not spam your promotion in other channels
  • Don’t use huge promotion texts that fill the whole page, this is considered being a bad sport and puts you in a bad light. Use a reasonable amount of space for your Fiverr promotion.
  • Spelling mistakes. Even the smallest spelling mistake can scare off potential clients. Nobody will ever hire a writer or translator on Fiverr who has spelling mistakes in their description or their gig promotion on Discord.
  • Do not overuse smileys/emoticons. It is okay to use a few ones to emphasize certain parts of your promotion (for example the call of action) but do not put checkmarks on all of your Fiverr gig services.

Follow the Discord Server rules: don’t spam & direct messages

This tip seems to be obvious, but it happens daily that people do not read the rules and get kicked or banned from Discord servers. This will put you and your promotion in a very bad light or it will completely prevent you from using Discord as a promotion channel for your Fiverr gigs.

That's why you should always read the rules and have good manners when you are actively promoting your Fiverr gigs  on Discord servers. 


Fiverr gig promotion through direct messages on Discord

One rule that applies to probably most servers where you would want to promote your Fiverr gigs on is restricted dms for server members. That means that you may not be able to directly message other members of the server). If it is allowed, then you might not be allowed to promote your Fiverr gig or other Discord servers in the dms. This is to prevent spam and scammers from using Discord to their advantage. 

If you want to use direct messages for promotion on Discord, make sure you follow the rules of the server to avoid bans or warnings. 

Fiverr only promotion or any kind of promotion

Some servers allow only Fiverr gig promotion, others allow all kinds of promotion.

The rules vary from server to server, so you have to make sure to be aware of the specific set of rules that each server has. For example, the Fiverr Community server ONLY allows promotion of Fiverr gigs. The promotion needs to include a Fiverr link, otherwise the promoter will be warned and eventually banned from the server. 

Other servers are less strict. For example the Brackeys Game development community server has dedicated channels where members can promote their freelancing services and show off their gigs. It would be okay to post your Fiverr gig there, but you can also promote your services outside of Fiverr in these channels. 


Template for discord promotion Text

There are many variations of promotions on Discord, but in my opinion short and concise promotion texts with a call to action are the most effective ones.

One possible template for your discord promotion follows this simple principle:

  • Promotion Title
  • 1-2 Sentences about your gig
  • 1 sentence about your experience
  • 1 Call To Action
  • Link to your Fiverr gig that you want to promote

I used this promotion text to for my tool the Fiverr Calculator with this Discord Promotion Template:

Examples for a good Discord promotion text for your Fiverr gig

It's a clean and structured promotion text with bullet points, a few visual elements for visual appeal and most importantly: A Call to Action to click on the Fiverr gig. This is a great example of a well written promotion text that can help you boost your gigs performance through clicks from Discord.

Example for a short and compact Discord promotion text

This is a short and compact promotion text. Again, bullet points with the most important features of the Fiverr gig and two visual elements for clarity. It's a compact and short promotion text, but it works. It doesn't take up too much space in the chat and won't seem like spam.
But, this example is NOT perfect and can be improved further.

  • Spelling mistakes in the promotion look unprofessional (“design”, “desing”)
  • No headline that directly states what this gig is about. 
  • Instead of “here is my Fiverr page”, a call to action would have been better and would turn more impressions into clicks to your Fiverr gig

Example for a bad Discord promotion text

This example shows how bad a promotion can be. These types of promotions are everywhere on Discord and it's a shame, because these types of promotions will only do you harm instead of boosting your gigs performance. It will make you look unprofessional and have a negative effect on your reputation. 

Why this promotion text sucks:

  • A long list of features in one sentence. Use bullet points to list your gig features!
  • A lot of white space, that is also irregular. It makes the promotion look visually unappealing, it also seems like spam because it uses so much space in the chat. Some servers, for example Fiverr Insiders ( , even automute and warn users for using too much white space in their Discord promotions.
  • All CAPS “THANK YOU” is a very bad practice and will make you look unprofessional. Why are you screaming ?!
  • “Please dm” is a very needy looking and ineffective call to action. Refer to our “Call to Action Examples for Discord promotions and Fiverr gig Descriptions” (ADD LINK)
  • Why put a TikTok link, when this is supposed to be a Fiverr promotion? 

As you can see, there are many things wrong with this promotion text and on some Discord servers, these kinds of spammy and unprofessional promotion texts might even get you banned or atleast muted from posting more in the gig promotion channels.


How to get the most out of gig promotion and self promotion channels on Discord

Now that you know how to write great promotion texts and which mistakes to avoid, we can discuss how you can get the most out of these promotion channels. 

Be consistent in promoting your Fiverr gigs

Simply posting your Fiverr promotion every now and then won't cut it. You need to post it in intervals and make sure you do it at least daily. But, do not spam those promotion channels! Consistency is key, turn promoting your Fiverr gigs into a daily routine.

However, posting your Fiverr gigs or promotions texts in regular intervals  is not enough for an effective Discord promotion strategy. 

Be active and helpful and a build a reputation on the Discord server

I may repeat myself, but this point is important for the effectiveness of your Fiverr promotion on Discord.

If you simply post your Fiverr promotion and are not active on the server in any other way, it will look bad and will not help you as much. If you are helping people, share your knowledge (for free) . On the other hand, people will notice you and your promotions will be much more effective.

Posting custom promotions depending on the Discord server

If you have found niché servers with potential clients and have established yourself as an active member of the community, you might be able to better understand how these potential clients could be converted into orders on Fiverr. 

This step is not easy to do, it requires time and research of your clients. You need to understand their needs. If you do, you can tailor your Discord promotion for these niché Discord channels specifically to them. Your Fiverr promotion will be a lot more effective this way, because people already trust you and know you are knowledgeable and might be a good candidate for their project. 

This will help your Fiverr gig in the long run to get clicks and orders, since people that click on your custom tailored promotions are way more likely to become actual customers and put an order on your Fiverr gig.

Markdown-Example for Fiverr Discord promotion text

You can use markdown syntax to have a more sophisticated and professional looking promotion text for your Fiverr gig. It is possible to fatten parts of the text. Do not over do this but use it only for the most important parts of your promotion and only for single words.

Markdown Example

I made this tool for freelancers: Fiverr Calculator

It will help you save money and find the right price for your gigs! :money_with_wings: 

 **--- Current Features ---** 

+** Fiverr, PayPal & Payoneer Fees**

+ **Hourly Rate**

+ **Conversion Fees** 

See **exactly** what will be left from your gig price after all fees are applied. :white_check_mark: 

Please bookmark my site if you find it useful! :star:


Examples for Call To Actions specifically for Fiverr promotions on Discord

Call to actions have proven very effective in motivating the viewer of your Fiverr promotion to click on your gig or order from your services. It is a widely used technique in advertising and digital marketing and you should make use of it! Here are some examples of Call To Actions for your Fiverr promotion on Discord:

  • “I look forward to your inquiry”
  • “Feel free to message me on Discord or Fiverr”
  • “I'd love to work with you, let's get started!”
  • “Looking forward to our cooperation!”
  • “Let’s realize your project ideas!”
  • “Message me now and turn your ideas into reality!”
  • “If you like my gig, feel free to bookmark it on Fiverr.”

Further Readings about promotion of Fiverr gigs on Discord:


How to promote your Fiverr gigs in other ways than Discord

If you've read this far, you know how to properly promote your Fiverr gigs through Discord. You are probably looking for ways to promote your Fiverr gig in general, so I wanted to give you a few tips to promote your Fiverr gigs in other ways. 

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, there's always room for improvement when it comes to marketing your services. But as you put up your Fiverr gig, you hope to get some attention for it. But how do you go about promoting your gig  and get it in front of potential buyers? By following the tips in this section, you can increase your chances of getting noticed and making a sale through other ways of promotion as well. 


Use social media to establish your brand

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are great for getting the word out about your Fiverr gig. Just be sure to use relevant hashtags so that people can easily find your gig. 

Place Instagram, Facebook and Google Ads

It's not a free way of promoting your Fiverr gigs, but it can be very effective. These ad services are mostly paid only for clicks on your ads and conversion, so the ads are worth it if you set them up right.

Tell your friends and family about it

They may not all be potential customers, but they can help spread the word to people who are. It is also valuable to get feedback from your friends and family or even better, industry experts or other freelancers. Don’t be afraid to share your Fiverr gigs with people you know.

Use other online platforms and forums

There are a number of online communities and forums where you can promote your Fiverr gig. Do a little research to find the ones that are most relevant to your gig, and then start sharing! You will be surprised how many forums in your industry are out there. The same rules that I described in this guide for Fiverr Discord promotion apply to promoting your gigs in forums. You need to be an active and helpful part of the community to get the most out of this way of marketing.

Get creative with your marketing

There are endless possibilities when it comes to promoting your Fiverr gig. Get creative and think outside the box – the more unique and original your approach, the more likely you are to stand out from the crowd. 

Keep at it! Promoting your Fiverr gig takes time and effort, but it will all be worth it when you start seeing results. 


If you apply the tips and tricks from this ultimate guide to discord promotion for your Fiverr gigs, you might see the results quickly! But remember, you need to be patient, active and consistent. Establish yourself in a world full of other freelancers, who also promote their gigs. It is important that you are yourself and are not afraid to share your knowledge and experience with others. 

In this guide you learned:

  • How to effectively promote your Fiverr gigs on Discord
  • How to setup and edit  your discord profile and present yourself professionally
  • Finding the right discord servers for your industry to promote your Fiverr gigs
  • That being an active and helpful member matters and helps you build a network of potential clients
  • How to increase your gig impression and gig ranking on Fiverr through Discord promotion