How to create a video thumbnail to boost your Fiverr gig

Creating a video thumbnail for your Fiverr gig can boost your search ranking and click rate. In this guide you will learn step by step how to create your own video thumbnail for your Fiverr gig. Creating a video is not easy if you don’t have experience in Adobe software, but in this guide you will learn how to create a video thumbnail for your Fiverr gig using free tools.

But first, let me show you the results of using a video thumbnail for your Fiverr gig. It has a visible impact and it will improve your chances of success on Fiverr.

Higher impressions on Fiverr gig after uploading a video thumbnail

When you are having problems with your gig impressions and click rate, creating a video for your thumbnail is one of the best ways to increase your gig ranking performance. It will boost your gig impressions and also result in a higher click rate.

You can see here how uploading a video thumbnail boosted my Fiverr gig ranking. It resulted in alot more impressions and clicks on my gig and it directly helped me get more orders. Follow my tutorial on how to create a Fiverr video thumbnail to gain more exposure on the Fiverr gig ranking.

fiverr gig boost after uploading video thumbnail
Fiverr gig boost after uploading a video thumbnail

But, how do you create a video that will help your Fiverr gig performance?

If you are not a professional with video editing software like Adobe Premiere and After Effects, you can use a free video editor that I found and used for my own Fiverr gig video. It is easy to use and gives you the option to choose different animation / transitions.


Step 1 – Collect your best work samples

This is a crucial step! You want amazing work samples to showcase in the video, this is more important than anything else. If you don’t have a lot of work samples, my advice is that you create more personal projects so you have enough work samples for your Fiverr gig video.

Great work samples need to fulfill these requirements:

  • showing the best of your abilities
  • be proof of the quality that you promise to provide
  • have a realistic purpose, but do not have to be real client work
  • do not have any errors or mistakes in them
  • easy to understand

Step 2 – Create animated images inforgraphics with Pixlr

This free image editor allows you to create images and edit your work samples. You could add arrows for example. Then, you can use their animaton tool for images. It will create a cool animation of your image elements which you can use in your Fiverr video thumbnail.

Use animated images for your Fiverr video thumbnail
animations for image transitions

You can simply select one of the animation styles (some are free, some are only for premium) but the freebies are very good and sufficient for creating an enganging Fiverr video thumbnail.


Step 3 – Use flexclip for easily creating free video thumbnails for Fiverr

Now when you have work samples and animated images ready, you can start creating and editing your video thumbnail for Fiverr in this free video editor.

It is a free tool and super easy to use. They also have a lot of templates to use as starting point, but I suggest you start with an empty project and create everything yourself. It is not as difficult as it seems if you follow this guide on how to create a video for Fiverr thumbnail step by step!

Step 4 – Import Media to Flexclip

Create a new video project on flexflip and import your media. Images, videos, anything you created in the first steps and that you want to show in the video thumbnail when someone sees your Fiverr gig in the search results.

import your own media


Step 5 – Drag and drop all your samples and animated images into the timeline

video thumbnail creation step 5

After you imported your media files to the video editor, you can start drag and dropping the images and animated images onto the timeline (in the bottom)


Step 6 – Arrange your media on the timeline of your video thumbnail

After you have arranged everything in the order you want the video to showcase your work, you can start to add transitions and animations. Click on each image in the timeline and then select the animation menu from the top bar.

video thumbnail creation step 6


Step 7 – Animate your images

The animation menu will show and allow you to pick an animation for the image. I like the zoom in and out options. But be careful not to overuse the animations. It’s a good idea to only use it on the most special images.

animate images for your video thumbnail


Step 8 – Find a free soundtrack

There are tons of musicians that offer their music and sounds for free on the internet!

Pixabay for example is a great resource for music and soundtracks. If you like, you can credit the musician for their free work. But it is not a neccesity.

Always make sure you use music and images that are royalty free, meaning you can freely use them, otherwise Fiverr will delete your video thumbnail and might even deactivate your gig or ban your account. So make sure to use soundtracks from Pixabay in your Fiverr video thumbnail.

You can use the keyword “cinematic” for example to find epic soundtracks. Depending on your Fiverr gig, you want to search for different soundtracks that fit your video thumbnail best.

Example cinematic soundtracks

example cinematic soundtracks



Step 9 - Add the Audio to your video thumbnail

Now  that you have selected a soundtrack / music for your Fiverr gig, you can add it the video in the video editor by clicking on the Add Audio button in the bottom left.

add audio to your video


Step 6 – Upload your new video thumbnail to your Fiverr gig page

On your Fiverr dashboard, open your gigs table. There, click the gig you want to add the video thumbnail to. Click edit.

upload video thumbnail to your fiverr gig

This will open your gigs detailed edit view. Select Gallery there, scroll down and add your video to your Fiverr gig.


Step 7 – Manually select a thumbnail for your video thumbnail

Fiverr automatically selects a random thumbnail from the video. It’s a random frame so you might want to selec tit manually so the video thumbnail shows up exactly as you planned in the search results of Fiverr.

select fiverr video thumbnail
Select Fiverr video thumbnail manually

After clicking the edito video button on your Fiverr gig, you can select the preview thumbnail manually. All you have to do is stop at the right time and Click “Set as Preview”.

select video frame that will be the gig preview
Set frame as preview thumbnail


That’s it! Save your gig and wait a minute or two for the changes to be reflected in the Fiverr search results. Then search for your gig and check your new video thumbnail. Congratulations, you made it through. Now you have a good chance of increasing your Fiverr gigs peformance. The impressions will go up and your click rate will be higher than before. Its almost guaranteed.

Good luck with your future adventure as a seller on Fiverr!