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How to use the Fiverr Calculator

Calculate your Hourly Rate, Currency Exchange, PayPal, Payoneer & Fiverr Fees
  • Enter the gig pricing and the estimated working hours
  • Enter the Currency you want to withdraw in
  • Hit Calculate and find out exactly how much fee's you will pay to Fiverr and the payment provider
  • Get started with our Fiverr Calculator

Pro Tip: Try to estimate the time it takes to complete the project based on your past project experience, then add 20% more time for possible unexpected challenges.


When you want to save money from conversion fees, Payoneer multi-currency-account can help you. They offer competitive currency exchange rates and lower fees than PayPal. If you earn your living as a Freelancer on Fiverr, creating a multi-currency Account on Payoneer can help you to save money longterm.

All you have to do is withdrawing the money you earned on Fiverr to your Payoneer multi-currency-account. From there, you can exchange it to your local currency and withdraw it directly to your local bank account. Consider creating your Payoneer Account right now!

Payoneer App on mobile phone, welcome page.

Supported Currencies

Our Fiverr Calculator currently supports the following currencies for calculating currency exchange rates and PayPal fees. We update the currency exchange rates in realtime, so you will get the best and most accurate results from our currency exchange and fee calculations.

  • € - Euro
  • $ - US Dollars
  • £ - British Pounds
  • A$ - Australian Dollars
  • C$ - Canadian Dollars
  • ₪ - Israeli New Shekel
Need other currencies supported?
Contact us with the currency you want to use at

Fee Calculator Features

  • Calculate PayPal and Fiverr fees and currency conversion fees
  • Using realtime currency conversion rates
  • Choose from the available currency that you need to withdraw your earnings in
  • See exactly what fees you pay to Fiverr, PayPal or the Bank Transfer
  • Calculate your hourly rate after the fees are applied

In summary: This tool will calculate all fees of Fiverr, PayPal and Payoneer inlcuding currency conversion fees, to help you negotiate the right price for your gig while keeping your hourly rate goal.

Happy Freelancing Woman used Fiverr Calculator to calculate currency conversion fees and Fiverr withdrawal fees.

Fiverr Fees Insights

Gain detailed insights into Fiverr fees and the hidden fees that occur through currency conversion, artifical margins on the rates and intransparent fees.

PayPal & Fiverr's "hidden" currency conversion fees

When you look on PayPals website, you wont find much about currency conversion fees. You can read about PayPal fees on their official documentation: PayPal - fees

But when you want to withdraw money on Fiverr in a different currency then US$, you suddenly notice a big difference in the amount you receive on your account compared to the amount of cash you actually earned on Fiverr.

How is PayPal charging fees?

Well, PayPal fees are not very transparent unfortunately. The reason for the difference in unexpected fees is, that PayPal does not use the most accurate currency conversion rates. Instead, PayPal adds a margin, basically a fee, to the rate of currency conversion.

This margin acts like a fee and adds up to the standard Fiverr fees you have to pay as a freelancer. Our calculator automatically adds the PayPal margin to realtime currency conversion rates to give you an estimate on how much fees you can expect when withdrawing from Fiverr via PayPal (or Bank Transfer).

Understand currency conversion fees on Fiverr

Fiverr fees depend on various factors, most importantly which payout provider you use and which currency you want to convert to. Paypal has different fees than Bank Transfer for example, which can be alot higher.

You will have to pay currency exchange fees which can be very high depending what provider you use for currency conversion. Since Fiverr uses US$ as its currency, you will have to pay currency conversion fees depending on the payment provider. In the payout process on your Fiverr Seller page, in the case you want to withdraw in a currency other than US$, on the Fiverr withdrawal prompt you will be asked to confirm the currency to convert into and amount.

currency conversion rates, conversion fees and Fiverr withdrawal fees insights

Our Fiverr Calculator can help you estimate what fees you need to pay as a Freelancer on Fiverr.

This amount includes the conversion fees and so the amount you can withdraw will be significantly less than what you earned. This is because it's the exact amount sent to your withdrawal account in a different currency that US$ will have conversion fees have applied to it. These currency conversion fees add up to the fixed fiverr fee (20%) and can have a huge impact on your yearl earnings..

Especially on withdrawal through PayPal, you have a huge extra margin on the currency exchange rates which acts like an extra fee. Payoneer on the other hand has specialized in multi-currency-accounts which you can use to save money from currency exchange rate fees. We hope that our Calculator, Payoneer and the freelancer guides & tips on this page helps you in your freelancing journey.

How does conversion spread work when converting currencies on Fiverr?

One of the issues when you work online as a freelancer is that most freelancing platforms have their own withdrawal fees and even if they don’t, you will encounter currency conversion fees. Sure, freelancing globally on a platform like Fiverr is amazing and it comes with great opportunities. But it certainly has its challenges for sure.

Why is this a problem?

For example, if you use PayPal, Fiverr doesn't have withdrawal fees. But if you don't live in the US, you will have the option to withdraw USD to PayPal, or you can allow Fiverr to perform the currency conversion. Their fees are similar to PayPal, which means you can end up losing quite a lot of money with this method.

Even if you withdraw USD from Fiverr in your PayPal account, you will still have to transform that to Euros for example. And it gets even worse if you also have to transform Euros to your local currency. Every conversion will end up charging you a fee, so the more conversions you make, the worse it gets. And this happens whenever you use the Fiverr currency conversion system, Payoneer or even PayPal.

Are there any alternatives?

Needless to say, withdrawing money from Fiverr can bleed quite a lot of money. You can use the fee calculator to see the currency conversion fees, the total earnings and ideal hourly rate. The Fiverr calculator is a great solution if you want to see how much you should charge per hour, but also identify how much these Fiverr withdrawal methods will end up charging you for the conversion fees. In some cases, these fees can be very significant.

The best way to save money and prevent all this conversion spread is through Payoneer. Thanks to Payoneer, you will be able to set up a multi-currency account, so you can send USD to your account and prevent currency conversion. It allows you to lower the conversion fees significantly. And once you have USD in your account, you can easily transfer it to any currency supported at a very low fee. It’s the best approach since you can save money consistently.

On top of that, the process is easy to set up, and once you do so, you will not have to worry about any issues that might arise. It’s the best of both worlds, since you save money while also setting up a system to prevent any financial losses coming from converting currencies.


As you can see, withdrawing money from Fiverr can be very problematic for any freelancer. The withdrawal or currency conversion fees are rather high, so you need to find the ideal way of dealing with any of these issues. You can use the Fiverr calculator to see what conversion fees you are paying and what hourly rate is ideal based on that situation. It’s also recommended to set up a multi-currency Payoneer account, since it will make it easier to avoid those high currency conversion fees, thus saving a significant amount in the process.

How to find the right price and hourly rate for your gig

It is important to understand that as a Freelancer on Fiverr (or other freelance platforms, for example Upwork) you have expenses in fees and currency conversion.

These facts should be considered when setting the right price for your gig. You can also use this fee calculator to find your hourly rate depending on the working hour and gig price you set. I use this technique all the time as a freelancer and it helps me alot to put the right price tag for my work.

It is important that you understand the value of your work and estimate the time that you need to get it done. This fee calculator already subtracts the currency conversion fees and Fiverr fees from your hourly rate, so that you can take a realistic guess. Using the hourly rate to find the right price for the gig while keeping the Fiverr fees and PayPal fees in mind helped me a lot in my freelance career.

How to negotiate the highest price for a custom order on Fiverr?

Creating custom orders is one of the best ways to earn significantly more on Fiverr when compared to a regular gig purchase. That's because when it comes to custom offers, you are the one setting the price. Which is why it's extremely important to try and provide your client with a custom offer, if possible. But how can you negotiate the highest price for a custom offer? Here are some tips and ideas to help you get started.

Why should you use the Fiverr Calculator?

The Fiverr Calculator is an ideal tool to help you make the most out of every custom order negotiation on Fiverr. What you have to do is enter the gig price, work hours, gigs you do per year, withdrawal method and the desired type of currency. Then once you press Calculate, the Fiverr Calculator will show you all the Fiverr fees you have to pay, the currency conversion fees, but also total earnings and hourly rate. It will also show early savings if you use something like the Payoneer multi-currency account.

Once you learn how to use this tool to your advantage, you will be impressed with the information it provides. What it does is it shows you exactly how much money you can save simply by opting for a multi-currency account. By using the calculator, you will find it easier to understand just how much money you lose through currency conversion. Fiverr has its fair share of fees to begin with, but add to that currency conversion and other fees, then you will have a much better understanding of just how much money you lose every time you withdraw money.

What can you do with this information?

Once you know just how much money you have to pay for Fiverr fees and currency conversion fees, you will have a good understanding of how much you need to charge a client. This way you can adjust any custom offers to ensure that you're not losing money. Instead, when you negotiate with a client you can start showing your portfolio, talk about your expertise and other things that justify a higher price.

In doing so, you also get to cover the Fiverr and currency conversion fees. And that's all thanks to the Fiverr Calculator. It helps you eliminate any possible concerns, while making it easier to understand what hourly rate and total price you should charge for your custom offer.

Custom offers are the way to go if you want to earn more on Fiverr. That being said, you also want to take into account Fiverr fees and the currency conversion fees, something that the fee and currency calculator can help with. Just add in the right numbers and calculate fees, then adjust your custom offers with the resulting information. It's simple, and it will finally allow you to focus on earning more without any hassle. It's a great tool for any Fiverr seller that wants to ensure they avoid losing money while sending a custom offer!